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Decubate has partnered with Chainlink Labs, offering crucial assistance to Chainlink BUILD members. This collaboration provides a variety of services, such as project launch support, incubation, advice, vesting options, and staking portals.

Decubate, known for its comprehensive platform dedicated to scaling Web3 projects, has announced a strategic channel partnership with Chainlink Labs. This collaboration aims to strengthen the Chainlink BUILD program, providing support to early-stage startups within Chainlink’s ecosystem.

Decubate’s Partnership with Chainlink Labs Empowers Web3 Innovation

Decubate leads the charge in Web3 innovation, offering startups a comprehensive platform for success in the on-chain economy. Through its collaboration with Chainlink Labs, Decubate provides Chainlink BUILD members with advanced tools like a no-code Token Management System, market-making services, and tokenomics consultancy. The aim is clear: to empower Web3 projects with vital resources for their launch and expansion.

Elliot Hagemeijer, Decubate’s CEO, stresses the partnership’s significance in advancing the Web3 ecosystem:

“Our aim is to drive on-chain innovation by equipping Web3 projects with essential tools for successful growth. Partnering with Chainlink Labs perfectly aligns with our mission to expand the reach of the Web3 ecosystem.”

Chainlink & Decubate: Web3 Empowerment

Chainlink stands as the decentralized computing platform of choice, setting the industry standard for powering the verifiable web. It plays a pivotal role in enabling over $9 trillion in transaction value, offering financial institutions, startups, and developers globally access to real-world data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across various blockchains

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Chainlink is the driving force behind verifiable applications and high-integrity markets across multiple sectors, including banking, DeFi, global trade, gaming, and more.

Further information about Chainlink can be found on their website or through their developer documentation at

Based in the Netherlands, Decubate is a launchpad and accelerator that has been instrumental in the success of over 100 Web3 businesses since its inception in 2021. Their unparalleled services are designed to drive success, showcasing Decubate’s commitment to empowering the next wave of Web3 innovations.

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