Countries with Largest Government Crypto Holdings: US- UK- Germany

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According to data from Arkham Intelligence, the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany are among the top countries holding cryptocurrencies at the government level.

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The firm’s analysis reveals that the U.S. government holds 212,847 bitcoins. Additionally, El Salvador’s president recently announced that the country has been buying one bitcoin daily.

Arkham Intelligence Reveals Governments’ Crypto Holdings

Leveraging onchain data analysis, blockchain intelligence firm Arkham Intelligence has developed a dashboard highlighting governments with significant crypto holdings. Shared on social media platform X on Friday, the dashboard provides insights into each country’s current BTC balance, balance history in USD, and a real-time feed of their latest transactions.

Top Crypto Holders Among Governments

According to Arkham’s data, the U.S. government leads as the top crypto holder, boasting a stash of over 212,847 bitcoins (BTC), along with holdings in other cryptocurrencies like ether (ETH). Following closely are the British government with 61,245 BTC and the German government with 49,859 BTC. Additionally, Arkham’s data indicates that El Salvador holds 5,719 BTC.

Arkham Data Reveals Governments’ Crypto Activity

Arkham Intelligence’s data highlights recent crypto activity among various governments. While the U.S. government’s activity occurred earlier this month, the U.K. government’s BTC hasn’t moved since July 2021, and Germany’s last transactions were in January this year, according to Arkham’s findings.

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El Salvador’s Notable Strategy: El Salvador stands out with its continuous buying strategy, adding one BTC to the country’s treasury daily. President Nayib Bukele confirmed in March that the country plans to keep purchasing one bitcoin daily until BTC “becomes unaffordable” with fiat currencies. Since adopting BTC as legal tender in September 2021, El Salvador has been actively acquiring and earning BTC.

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China’s Potential Holdings: Arkham Intelligence’s dashboard currently focuses on specific governments, with China’s holdings not yet reflected. However, according to Bitcoin Treasuries, China may possess around 190K BTC.

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