Crypto Investment Platform in Singapore Halts Deposits and Withdrawals


Haru Invest, the Singapore-based crypto investment platform founded in South Korea, has recently announced the suspension of its deposit and withdrawal services


Haru Invest, a crypto investment platform that originated in South Korea and is now based in Singapore, has made the decision to temporarily halt all deposit and withdrawal requests. This means that users of the platform will not be able to initiate new deposits or withdraw their funds until further notice. The specific duration of this suspension has not been disclosed, leaving users unsure of when they will be able to access their deposited funds or make any withdrawals.

In a statement, Haru Invest acknowledged the problem and reassured its users that it is taking immediate action to investigate and resolve the issue with the service partner involved. As of today, users will be unable to make new deposits or withdraw funds from the platform, and Haru Invest has not provided a specific timeline for when these services will be reinstated.

In response to the issue encountered with one of its service partners, Haru Invest, the Singapore-based crypto investment platform, is actively working on developing a contingency plan to address the situation and safeguard the assets held under its custody. The decision to temporarily suspend all deposit and withdrawal requests was primarily driven by the platform’s commitment to protecting the assets of its users. By taking this precautionary measure, Haru Invest aims to ensure the security and integrity of the funds entrusted to its platform while it investigates and resolves the underlying issue. The platform will continue to communicate updates and progress to its users as it works towards a resolution and the resumption of normal services.

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Recognizing the utmost importance of safeguarding the security and integrity of the funds entrusted to its platform, Haru Invest has made the difficult yet necessary decision to prioritize the safety of user assets during the ongoing investigation and resolution process. By temporarily suspending deposit and withdrawal requests, the platform demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the protection and well-being of its users’ funds. Haru Invest remains dedicated to resolving the issue at hand and will continue to work diligently towards restoring normal operations as soon as possible. The platform will maintain open lines of communication with its users, providing updates and reassurances throughout this period to maintain transparency and build trust.

As a result, the platform is actively investigating the matter and exploring alternative solutions to address the situation. In the interest of safeguarding the assets entrusted to the platform, a difficult decision has been made to temporarily suspend all deposit and withdrawal requests until further notice. The platform remains committed to protecting its users’ assets and will provide updates as the situation progresses.

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Users are advised to stay updated with the platform’s official announcements and updates regarding the restoration of normal operations. By following these channels, users will receive timely information on when deposit and withdrawal services will resume.

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