Elon Musk’s Post Leads to XRP Integration Request

Elon Musk X Twitter

Elon Musk’s recent post has confirmed a significant upcoming feature for X, his social media platform. This announcement also stirred up the XRP community, as they’re eager to know when Musk will introduce XRP and crypto trading on his platform.

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Musk simply posted “Coming Soon” in response to news about X allowing people to watch long-form videos on smart TVs. This brief interaction caught the attention of XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf), a vocal supporter of XRP and a notable member of the XRP community.

XRP Community Awaits Crypto Integration on Twitter X

XRPcryptowolf humorously queried Elon Musk about the arrival of XRP and crypto payments on Twitter X, following a trend of XRP community members seeking Musk’s attention. This jesting inquiry mirrors a similar post made by XRPcryptowolf in late February, asking Musk about Grok, his AI-powered chatbot’s thoughts on XRP.

Despite the playful banter, Elon Musk has not officially confirmed any plans for introducing crypto functionalities on Twitter X. While there’s significant enthusiasm within the community for crypto integration, no official confirmation has been provided by the company.

The launch of a dedicated payments account on X in January 2024 fueled speculation about crypto integration, yet this has not been officially confirmed. However, some crypto enthusiasts remain hopeful, citing Musk’s well-documented interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Dogecoin (DOGE).

Under Musk’s leadership, Tesla has embraced DOGE as a payment method for certain merchandise. Additionally, X’s recent venture into in-app payments has further fueled speculation about potential crypto integration in the future. Despite the absence of official announcements, some enthusiasts remain optimistic about the prospect.

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Uncertainty Surrounds Crypto Integration on X

While the idea of crypto payments on X is intriguing, it remains uncertain. Several factors, including regulatory considerations and the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies, could influence this decision. However, regulatory concerns may be alleviated, as a legal expert predicts that the SEC will not appeal Judge Torres’ ruling regarding XRP’s security status.

X’s confirmed focus appears to be on expanding its media consumption capabilities. The upcoming introduction of long-form video playback suggests a strategic shift towards becoming a more comprehensive entertainment platform. This move positions X to compete with platforms like YouTube.

The desire for crypto support on X has been evident for some time. In early February, XRPcryptowolf raised a similar question in response to Elon Musk’s announcement about implementing audio/video calls on X and discontinuing his phone number.

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