MicroStrategy Acquires Over 200000 Bitcoins in Latest Purchase

Michael Saylor MicroStrategy Micro Strategy

As soon as the news spread, the MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock surged to reach new record highs during pre-market trading.

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As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) keeps reaching new record levels, MicroStrategy keeps adding to its holdings with each surge. According to a recent filing with the SEC, the company bought another 12,000 Bitcoins in the past two weeks.

MicroStrategy Expands Bitcoin Holdings with $821.7 Million Purchase

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor announced today the acquisition of an additional 12,000 bitcoins, amounting to approximately $821.7 million. The company utilized proceeds from convertible notes and excess cash for this purchase, with each bitcoin bought at an average price of about $68,477.

As of March 10, 2024, MicroStrategy now possesses a total of 205,000 bitcoins, acquired for around $6.91 billion. The average price per bitcoin in MicroStrategy’s portfolio currently stands at $33,706.

This latest acquisition follows MicroStrategy’s purchase of 3,000 bitcoins worth $155 million, as reported in the filing on February 26. Since then, the company has been actively working to raise an additional $600 million through the sale of its convertible notes.

The convertible notes, described as unsecured, senior obligations of the company, will adhere to a semi-annual interest payment schedule commencing on September 15, 2024. They are set to mature on March 15, 2030, with provisions for earlier repurchase, redemption, or conversion. Interestingly, the company recently expanded its note sale to over $700 million, indicating strong investor interest.

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MicroStrategy’s Shares Surge Following Bitcoin Acquisition News

Following the news, MicroStrategy’s (NASDAQ: MSTR) share price surged by an additional 10% during pre-market hours on Monday, March 11. This surge propelled the MSTR share price to a staggering $1,562, with its market capitalization reaching $24.19 billion USD.

In 2024, the MSTR stock has already soared by an impressive 108% since the year’s beginning. This growth outpaces Bitcoin’s (BTC) gains of 61% year-to-date. Looking at the yearly chart, MicroStrategy’s share price has skyrocketed by a remarkable 538%, while Bitcoin’s price has increased by 250%.

MicroStrategy chairman Michael Saylor recently praised the success of the new Bitcoin ETFs. With the company already sitting on a profit of close to $3.5 billion from its substantial Bitcoin holdings, the positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin continues to benefit MicroStrategy’s shares.

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