Fantom (FTM) Aims for $1 with Confident Holders


As the supply of FTM on exchanges continues to decrease, the possibility of a price increase remains strong. About 43% of investors are holding onto their FTM investments, even without making a profit yet, in anticipation of market recovery and higher prices.

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If you want to learn more about FTM’s price dynamics, check out the full analysis for insights into potential future movements.

Fantom’s Decreasing Exchange Supply Fuels Price Surge

Since March 1, the quantity of FTM tokens available on exchanges has dropped notably from 655 million to 643 million. This decline is closely linked to a significant increase in Fantom’s price, soaring from $0.50 to $0.82 in just 12 days, marking an impressive 64% growth.

FTM Price and Supply on Exchanges. Source: Santiment.

The diminishing supply of FTM on exchanges indicates fewer tokens available for trading, buying, or selling. This became evident when the supply dropped by 1 million between March 10 and March 13.

A reduced supply on exchanges typically leads to upward pressure on prices. Buyers may be willing to pay more for tokens when they are less readily available. The decrease in FTM on exchanges suggests that investors are increasingly transferring their tokens to private wallets for long-term storage.

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Investors often make this strategic move in anticipation of further price appreciation. By moving tokens to private wallets, they contribute to tightening the circulating supply available for immediate trading, potentially fueling additional price increases.

FTM Investors Hold Firm Amidst Losses, Fueling Potential Price Surge

Despite the recent uptick in FTM price, approximately 43% of its investors find their holdings valued below their initial investment. This suggests that many are waiting for the token’s value to rise before considering selling.

Decreased Selling Pressure: Their reluctance to sell could lessen selling pressure on the market, potentially boosting the chance of ongoing upward price movement. The anticipation of better returns might be a key factor driving the continued increase in FTM value.

Historical Patterns: Historical data shows that when around 45% of FTM holders faced losses, the token witnessed remarkable price surges. Specifically, growth rates of 165.22% and 97.16% were recorded within two to three weeks, respectively.

Potential for Price Rallies: These patterns indicate that a significant number of investors in a loss position could precede substantial price rallies for FTM. With 43% of holders currently aiming to break into profitability, the possibility of another notable price increase exists, provided market conditions and investor sentiments remain stable.

Challenges and Opportunities for FTM Price Growth

Despite investor optimism and their persistence in holding FTM tokens for potential returns, there are challenges ahead, notably within the $0.85 to $0.95 price range.

Investors facing losses might choose to sell as prices approach their initial investment levels, potentially causing downward pressure on FTM’s price. Breaking through the $0.85 barrier could initiate a bullish trend, aiming for $0.95.

Surpassing major resistance points, such as the $0.85 mark, could catalyze a sustained upward trajectory for FTM. However, the market’s ability to manage any sell-off during these pivotal moments will determine the continuation of the upward trend.

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