Floki Skyrockets by Over 10% as Binance Includes It in Metaverse Category

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The world’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange drives Memecoin adoption by introducing Floki to Metaverse and Gaming Sections.

Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has expanded the reach of the popular memecoin Floki by including it in specialized categories. The exchange recently announced the addition of $FLOKI to its Metaverse and Gaming sections. As a result, price action for Floki has been observed over the past 24 hours.

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The official Twitter account of Floki memecoin excitedly announced that #Binance has included $FLOKI in its exchange’s #Metaverse and #Gaming categories.

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Floki Joins Binance Metaverse Lineup

Binance has expanded its offerings by adding $FLOKI to its Metaverse and Gaming categories, enabling millions of users to trade Floki alongside well-known metaverse and gaming cryptocurrencies like $SAND, $MANA, $AXS, $IMX, $GALA, and $ENJ. Attached are screenshots showcasing the new Binance categories.

Binance’s inclusion of Floki in its Metaverse and Gaming categories serves as a major validation for the meme coin. With Binance known for its thorough listing process and selective approach, this decision highlights Floki as a reputable and promising project.

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In recent news reported by CoinGape, Binance made the decision to delist PEPE from its Flexible Loans due to concerns over its reliability as an asset. This move followed reports of whale dumping of PEPE tokens.

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Floki Gains Adoption and Price Momentum

Floki, the fourth-largest meme coin, is experiencing a surge in momentum. It has secured a listing on Bitci, a prominent Turkish crypto exchange with a vast user base of over 5 million registered users. Additionally, a strategic partnership was recently unveiled, wherein the Floki team plans to boost adoption through an extensive marketing campaign utilizing Binance Pay to provide user incentives. Binance exchange announced Floki’s listing on April 24th, and it quickly became available to its millions of users the following day.

Floki maintains its upward momentum in the market, showing notable gains over the past 24 hours and week. Within just one hour, it experienced a 3.09% increase and achieved a 5.28% gain over the course of 24 hours since the announcement. Furthermore, over the past week, Floki has surged by over 10%, signaling a positive trend in its overall performance.

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