Justin Sun Gathers AAVE- SHIB- LINK and More in Tron Portfolio

Justin Sun Tron TRX

TRON founder Justin Sun’s digital wallet has recently acquired various cryptocurrencies, including SHIB, AAVE, LINK, FLOKI, and more.

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This move has triggered speculation and discussions worldwide about the intentions behind this diverse portfolio.

Justin Sun’s Wallet Activity Creates Crypto Buzz

Recent on-chain data related to TRON founder Justin Sun’s wallet has stirred widespread curiosity among global crypto traders and investors. The wallet, associated with Sun, made substantial transactions involving seven digital assets, according to data from Spotonchain, a platform specializing in on-chain metrics. Notably, these assets were acquired from Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

The sizable withdrawals quickly caught the attention of the broader crypto market, with their combined value exceeding $4 million at the time of reporting. The cryptocurrencies involved in these transactions include AAVE, LINK, FLOKI, MANA, SHIB, XVS, and BAND, generating considerable interest across the crypto community.

Justin Sun’s Recent Cryptocurrency Accumulations

On-chain data has unveiled that Justin Sun’s wallet address amassed a significant quantity of digital assets within the last 24 hours through a series of transactions, all originating from Binance. The data provides insights into Sun’s recent crypto holdings.

Among the accumulated assets, AAVE took the lead with Sun acquiring coins worth $1.007 million, closely followed by LINK with withdrawals totaling $940.177K. Additionally, FLOKI witnessed a withdrawal of $836.367K, while MANA amounted to $779.072K.

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The Shiba Inu token (SHIB) saw an accumulation valued at $756.055K, and XVS totaled $119.020K. Simultaneously, BAND’s withdrawal amounted to $170.170K at the time of reporting.

Of particular interest is Sun’s recent withdrawal of 500 billion SHIB, coinciding with the notable surge in Shiba Inu’s burn rate, witnessing a substantial 2924.74% increase today.

Recent Price Movements of Accumulated Cryptocurrencies by Justin Sun

The prices of cryptocurrencies accumulated by Justin Sun in the past 24 hours have experienced varied movements:

AAVE: A marginal 0.05% increase pushed the price to $101.42.
LINK: Witnessed a 3.36% decline, currently trading at $15.44.
MANA: Recorded a 0.66% rise, reaching $0.4599.
FLOKI: Experienced a 0.58% drop, settling at $0.00003088.


SHIB: A 0.41% decrease brought the price to $0.000009531.
BAND: Showcased a 1.45% surge, reaching $1.71.
XVS: Saw a 0.63% decline, currently priced at $11.95.

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