Kenya’s Central Bank Governor Clarifies Stance on Crypto


Patrick Njoroge, the outgoing governor of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), sheds light on the bank’s position on cryptocurrencies, emphasizing its cautious approach based on extensive institutional knowledge

Njoroge’s comments come amid global divisions on digital currencies, reflecting his longstanding opposition and advocacy for prudence in handling volatile digital assets throughout his influential role in Kenya’s financial sector over 57 years.

As his tenure at Kenya’s Central Bank nears its end, Governor Patrick Njoroge expresses his viewpoint on the contentious topic of cryptocurrencies, contributing to the ongoing global debate surrounding this technology. Amidst a divided financial landscape, where some embrace cryptocurrencies while others, including Njoroge, urge prudence, his perspective adds to the spectrum of opinions on the matter.

Highlighting his role as the ninth governor of Kenya’s Central Bank, Njoroge clarifies that his stance against cryptocurrencies is not influenced by personal bias but rather based on the extensive knowledge repository accumulated by the bank over its 57-year history. Recognizing the bank’s substantial role in shaping Kenya’s cryptocurrency policies, Njoroge’s remarks aim to provide insight into this crucial aspect.

Approaching the conclusion of his tenure, Njoroge was questioned about the advice he would impart to his successor, particularly concerning cryptocurrencies. His unwavering caution regarding volatile assets like Bitcoin has established him as a prominent figure in Kenya’s financial domain.

Notably, Njoroge once went as far as requesting Kenyan lawmakers to hold him accountable for imprisonment if he ever proposed converting the nation’s foreign exchange reserves into Bitcoin, epitomizing his resolute anti-crypto standpoint. This steadfast opposition has earned him the reputation of being an ardent critic within Kenyan financial circles.

Njoroge refutes personal vendetta claims, focuses on the future

Dispelling rumors of a personal vendetta, Njoroge emphasizes that both his stance and the bank’s policy on cryptocurrencies are not based on individual opinions. Rather, they derive from the collective wisdom and extensive data housed within the central bank.

“Personal opinions play no part in comprehending the ramifications of these modern currencies. The Central Bank serves as a repository of knowledge, and it is from there that guidance emerges,” Njoroge elaborates.

Amidst speculations regarding potential taxes on crypto transactions by the Kenyan government, Njoroge reasserted the position of the Central Bank, underscoring its significance in the ongoing discourse.

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Governor Njoroge affirms that the Central Bank will continue to emphasize the risks of unregulated crypto activities, fulfilling its responsibility to protect Kenya’s financial ecosystem. As his tenure nears its end, he clarifies the bank’s position on cryptocurrencies, highlighting the significance of institutional knowledge over personal biases.

Njoroge’s remarks serve as a poignant reminder of the intricate challenges that arise when venturing into unexplored realms of the financial landscape.

Important: This article is intended solely for informational purposes. It should not be considered or relied upon as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other form of advice.

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