Russian Official Exposed Receiving 1,000 Bitcoin Bribes From Crypto Hackers

Russia Crypto
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According to local news sources, an official in Russia has been accused of taking large Bitcoin bribes

Marat Tambiyev, the head of Moscow’s Tversky District Investigative Committee Investigative Department, allegedly received around $24 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) bribes from the hackers being investigated, as reported by Russian local news outlet Kommersant.

The access codes to the investigator’s Bitcoin wallet were discovered by entering them into his computer, where they were stored in a folder named “Retirement”.

The individuals who offered the bribes have been handed suspended sentences, and investigators intend to seize all of Tambiyev’s illicit gains.

On Monday, June 5, the Nikulinsky District Court in Moscow will review the case presented by First Deputy Prosecutor General Anatoly Razinkin, seeking the forfeiture of Marat Tambiyev’s proceeds from corruption.

Bribes totaling nearly $27 million in Bitcoin at current exchange rates

Following investigations by the Russian Investigative Committee and later the General Prosecutor’s Office, it was established that the defendant, Marat Tambiyev, possessed 1,032.1 BTC valued at $23,980,843 as of January 30, 2023.

Investigators revealed that Tambiyev received the cryptocurrency on April 7 of the previous year from members of the hacker group Infraud Organization Mark, along with Konstantin Bergmanov and Kirill Samokutyaevsky. The bribes were given in exchange for Tambiyev refraining from confiscating their assets, which are currently subject to an ongoing criminal case.

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During the search of Marat Tambiyev’s residence on Bolshaya Ochakovskaya Street in Moscow, the alleged bribery scheme was brought to light. Among the discovered items, which included various possessions, investigators found an Apple MacBook Pro laptop that malfunctioned after just a few months, as reported by Kommersant.

Investigators from the central office of the Investigative Committee took notice of a folder named “Pension” during their examination, within which they discovered a photograph of a piece of paper containing access codes granting Marat Tambiyev control over 932.1 and 100 Bitcoins.

The Russian authorities seized the BTCs discovered in Tambiyev’s residence.

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