Sui Partners with Google Cloud for Web3 Innovation

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Sui, a blockchain platform developed by the team behind Facebook’s Libra and Diem projects, is teaming up with Google Cloud to boost innovation in Web3 technology.

Through a partnership with Mysten Labs, they aim to improve security, scalability, and user experiences for various Web3 and AI-based applications.

Google Cloud Collaborates with Sui: Advancing Web3 Innovation

Google Cloud is enhancing Sui’s development ecosystem by integrating Sui blockchain data into BigQuery public datasets. This integration provides developers with robust analytics tools, enabling them to uncover new insights and explore innovative decentralized application (dApp) possibilities.

Sui leverages Google Cloud’s generative AI platform, Vertex AI, to train it on the Move programming language. This assists Web3 developers in debugging and enhancing code generation processes, contributing to the improvement of blockchain-based applications.

Mysten Labs, in collaboration with Google Cloud, has developed a new AI-based code auditing tool. This tool utilizes Google Cloud’s AI and Cloud capabilities to identify security vulnerabilities in programming languages such as Rust, Move, Typescript, and Solidity. By quickly identifying and addressing vulnerable code, it strengthens security measures within Web3 ecosystems.

The collaboration between Sui and Google Cloud has already produced notable advancements, such as the zkLogin technology. This technology bridges the gap between traditional (Web2) and decentralized (Web3) applications by utilizing OAuth credentials from trusted Web2 platforms like Google. This facilitates seamless authentication of crypto wallets and dApps on the Sui platform, enhancing user experience and security.

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Sui Partners with Google Cloud: Empowering Web3 Innovation

Sui has harnessed Google Cloud’s globally scalable infrastructure to bolster the security and transaction throughput of its network, ensuring high performance and seamless scalability.

Evan Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs, expressed the significance of collaborating with Google Cloud, stating, “Collaborating with Google Cloud helps us propel the development of secure, scalable, and user-centric Web3 experiences.” He emphasized that Google Cloud’s infrastructure and advanced AI capabilities complement Sui’s technological strengths, enabling developers to create the next generation of decentralized applications.

Amit Zavery, VP and general manager, and Head of Platform at Google Cloud, affirmed their commitment to supporting Web3 innovation, stating, “We are committed to supporting Web3 innovation with our secure cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities.” He highlighted Sui’s advanced blockchain technology and user-friendly experiences as valuable assets for delivering transformative applications embraced by both Web3 and Web2 developers.

In addition to infrastructure support, Google Cloud is dedicated to empowering the Sui developer community through its Web3 Startup Program. This initiative provides resources such as Google Cloud credits, access to Discord channels with Web3 experts, foundation grants, and global events, all aimed at accelerating the development of innovative applications on the Sui platform.

Sui’s Innovative Blockchain Platform: Empowering Digital Asset Ownership

Sui ( stands as a pioneering Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform, revolutionizing digital asset ownership by prioritizing speed, privacy, security, and accessibility for all users. Built from the ground up, Sui adopts an object-centric model based on the Move programming language, facilitating parallel execution, sub-second finality, and robust on-chain assets. With horizontally scalable processing and storage capabilities, Sui offers unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness, supporting a diverse range of applications and empowering creators and developers to craft exceptional, user-friendly experiences.

Mysten Labs’ Mission: Pioneering Infrastructure for Web3

Mysten Labs comprises a team of distinguished experts in distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography, including senior executives and lead architects from pioneering blockchain projects. The mission of Mysten Labs is clear: to develop foundational infrastructure for the advancement of Web3, driving innovation and unlocking new possibilities in the digital realm.

Google Cloud: Leading the Way to Tomorrow’s Technology

Google Cloud represents the forefront of cloud computing, offering a comprehensive suite of AI, infrastructure, developer, data, security, and collaboration tools tailored for today and tomorrow’s needs. With its planet-scale infrastructure, custom-built chips, generative AI models, and development platform, Google Cloud empowers organizations worldwide to transform their operations and drive innovation. Trusted by customers in over 200 countries and territories, Google Cloud serves as a reliable technology partner, enabling businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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