Paypal Enables Crypto Purchases for US Moonpay Users


Moonpay, a digital asset trading platform, revealed a new collaboration with Paypal on May 2. Through this partnership, users in the United States can now buy cryptocurrency using their Paypal accounts.

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This integration enables Moonpay users to enjoy the security measures provided by Paypal, a trusted payment provider renowned for its detailed transactional financial information.

Moonpay Partners with Paypal to Enable Crypto Purchases

Moonpay, a digital asset trading platform, recently announced a partnership with Paypal on May 2. This collaboration allows users in the United States to buy cryptocurrency directly using their Paypal accounts. The integration of Moonpay and Paypal aims to streamline transactions, particularly benefiting new users of the crypto platform who already utilize Paypal for online transactions.

According to the announcement, Moonpay users stand to gain from the added security measures provided by Paypal. Known for sharing comprehensive financial information about transactions, Paypal’s involvement offers an extra layer of safety for users engaging in crypto purchases through Moonpay.

Moonpay CEO Discusses Partnership with Paypal

Ivan Soto-Wright, the co-founder and CEO of Moonpay, shared insights on the recent collaboration with Paypal. Soto-Wright emphasized Paypal’s longstanding reputation for revolutionizing global commerce, highlighting the increasing consumer interest in exploring various financial systems, including crypto, retail investing, and digital banking. He expressed Moonpay’s dedication to partnering with trusted entities like Paypal to broaden user access to these evolving financial avenues.

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Soto-Wright further noted that Moonpay aims to facilitate crypto transactions within a familiar environment, reducing entry barriers for users. While the Paypal service is currently available to Moonpay’s U.S.-based users, the statement revealed plans to extend this offering through the crypto platform’s partner networks by mid-2024. This expansion reflects Moonpay’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for users across different markets.

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