Solana Gains Crowd Support: Can SOL Reach $100?


Currently, the mood around Solana is optimistic. There’s a belief that SOL could reach $75 in a few weeks and possibly hit $100 within the next few months. The overall sentiment is positive about Solana’s potential growth.

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Solana (SOL) has experienced a notable 8.07% increase in the last 24 hours, pushing its value beyond $60. Before this rise, SOL took a brief break from its upward trend, dipping to $56.21. The recent weekend surge in price has reignited confidence among Solana enthusiasts. Analyzing the Weighted Sentiment on November 19th, experts noticed a peak at 1.79, followed by a small decrease to 1.20. This suggests that traders were feeling positive about the situation during that time.

Solana’s Bullish Momentum and Market Dynamics

The Weighted Sentiment for Solana (SOL) recently hit its highest point since 2023, reflecting a bullish outlook within the broader market. This surge in sentiment is indicative of a prevailing Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) sentiment among market participants, signaling optimism for a potential uptrend in SOL.

Source: Santiment

Numerous predictions are circulating, suggesting that SOL could reach $100 and potentially surpass its previous All-Time High (ATH). However, positive sentiment alone may not be sufficient to drive Solana to new highs.

A crucial factor to consider is the Open Interest, which represents the value of outstanding open contracts in the derivative market. An increase in Open Interest suggests a rise in open positions, indicating heightened market participation. At the time of writing, Solana’s Open Interest stood at $1.7 billion, underlining substantial involvement in SOL contracts.

Source: WorldCoinIndex

It’s essential to recognize that Open Interest serves not only as a measure of market participation but also as an indicator of potential price movements. When Open Interest increases in tandem with the price, it adds strength to support the ongoing uptrend, providing valuable insights into the dynamics influencing Solana’s market performance.

Analyzing Solana’s Potential Upside

Examining Solana’s market dynamics, a noteworthy observation is the correlation between Open Interest and price direction. In SOL’s case, a decreasing Open Interest alongside an increasing price could weaken the overall market direction. However, the current scenario suggests a high likelihood of SOL’s price continuing its upward trajectory, potentially reaching $70 or $75 in the coming weeks.

A crypto expert carefully studied the SOL/USD four-hour chart, paying special attention to something called the Exponential Moving Average (EMA). Right now, the 20 EMA (shown in blue) is sitting above the 50 EMA (in yellow). This is seen as a good sign, suggesting that SOL’s upward trend is likely to keep going.

Another critical factor to consider is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which stood at 54.24 at the time of analysis. If the RSI surpasses this level, SOL’s price could target the $65 region as its initial stop. In the long term, both the 50 and 20 EMAs have risen above the 200 EMA (cyan), reinforcing the bullish sentiment for SOL.

Source: TradingView

This confluence of indicators suggests a favorable outlook for Solana’s future. If the positive sentiment around the project persists, there is a possibility that SOL may reach $100 in the coming months, marking a significant milestone in its upward trajectory.

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