Sports Illustrated creates new way to buy tickets using NFTs on Polygon

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  • Sports Illustrated, a U.S. sports magazine, has joined forces with ConsenSys, a software company that uses Ethereum, to create a ticketing marketplace called “Box Office”.
  • They have now introduced a new way to buy tickets using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon network, which is a tool that helps Ethereum work better.

Sports Illustrated’s ticketing marketplace, SI Tickets, has worked with a software company called ConsenSys (who created the crypto wallet MetaMask) to make “Box Office.” This new platform will be the first of its kind because it lets people use NFTs to buy tickets for events. Box Office also has a special feature called “Super Ticket” that lets event organizers offer extra perks like highlights and collectibles to ticket buyers.

According to David Lane, the CEO of SI Tickets, the goal of their marketplace was always to change the primary ticket market in a big way.

David Lane also said that blockchain is going to be very important for ticketing in the future. With this new platform, people can have a much better experience when they buy and use tickets because they can get collectible content along with it. This is a big improvement over the old-fashioned barcode system.

Using NFTs as tickets for live events has been talked about as a big use for Web3 technology. Sports Illustrated joining in with their new platform could make more people interested in using NFTs for tickets.

Brian Trunzo, who works in business development for Polygon Labs in North America, said that using blockchain technology for ticketing can help customers in many ways. For example, it can make payments more secure and stop people from reselling tickets at higher prices. He also said that this new platform will help more people start using this technology.