Terra Classic Proposes Six Samurai Revival for Battered Chain

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The Terra Classic community is dealing with issues on the LUNC chain and its decentralized exchange, Astroport Classic. They’re considering help from the Six Samurai team to tackle these problems.

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Supporters say the current developer team, L1 Task Force, needs more expertise to fix the chain. Astroport Classic’s issues have highlighted this need, as it’s a critical source of on-chain liquidity.

After a recent upgrade, about $700,000 in liquidity became inaccessible, hurting Terra Classic users’ trading.

The proposal emphasizes that they don’t want to replace the L1 Task Force. Instead, the Samurai team would complement their efforts for free, helping fix the chain’s problems while respecting the community and investors.

Can the Samurai Team Solve LUNC’s Challenges?

The Samurai Team, led by developers Bilbo Baggins and Solid Snake, is well-liked in the Terra Classic community for their technical skills. They previously tried to become the official L1/L2 Task Force but were unsuccessful.

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Now, there’s a proposal to pay the Samurai team $116,000 to work part-time on fixing LUNC chain issues. At first, the proposal didn’t get much support because people were worried about the cost and the team’s anonymity. Critics said the team wasn’t transparent, so they couldn’t be trusted to shape the chain’s future.

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But now, more people are interested in the Samurai team, which could mean a comeback for them. If they get the chance, they might be able to help with the problems LUNC users are facing.

This partnership could also set the stage for the Samurai team to become the main Task Force group in the future or for them to work together with the current L1 team to rebuild the network.

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