TON Foundation Partners with HashKey to Improve Fiat Access for Wallet Users


TON Foundation has revealed a strategic collaboration with HashKey Group, a Hong Kong-based company. The partnership aims to enhance access to fiat on and off-ramps for users of Telegram’s wallet.

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TON Foundation comprises contributors backing The Open Network (TON), a blockchain network striving to empower billions by enabling them to own their data. It aims to create a Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger.

TON Foundation and HashKey Group Partner to Enhance Crypto Integration

In an announcement dated April 12, TON Foundation revealed its latest partnership with HashKey Group. The collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to integrating cryptocurrency more deeply into everyday life.

The two entities are eager to collaborate on various initiatives aimed at enhancing accessibility and user experience within the TON ecosystem. This includes initiatives such as providing on-and-off ramp services for users of the Wallet in Telegram, particularly in the Asia-Pacific Region.

HashKey Group’s COO, Livio Weng, emphasized the goal of streamlining the fiat on-and-off ramp experience. The aim is to make cryptocurrency usage a seamless part of everyday life, fostering accessibility and innovation within the TON ecosystem.

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Supporting Early-Stage Projects: TON Foundation and HashKey Group Collaboration

The partnership between TON Foundation and HashKey Group aims to “explore new ways” of assisting early-stage projects within the TON ecosystem. This includes offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and other incubation activities to foster growth.

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HashKey Group may also consider investing in promising projects within the TON ecosystem, contingent upon thorough due diligence processes.

Initially, the partnership’s initiatives will concentrate on the Hong Kong market. Both companies have pledged to abide by all regional laws and regulations. Success in this market will serve as a foundation for expanding joint efforts to other markets.

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