Top 5 Global Banks Onboarded for XRP via Volante


Top 5 global banks are now using XRP through Volante, enhancing cross-border transactions. Volante and Ripple have partnered for several years in response to the growing crypto industry.

WallStreetBulls, a financial blog covering crypto and stock market news, reports that several top 5 global banks are now using XRP via Volante, a prominent global provider of cloud payment and financial messaging solutions. This development is seen as a noteworthy update for the XRP community and the crypto industry.

In a recent post on a platform similar to Twitter, WallStreetBulls highlighted the significant impact of Volante’s integration with Ripple’s real-time payment network on cross-border transactions. They shared a short video explaining the benefits of this integration.

Volante sees this move as a way for users to enhance their payment capabilities. The video mentions that the integration enables businesses to offer new, faster customer onboarding services, making them more competitive.

Some of the benefits provided by Volante’s solutions to integrated users include real-time payments, advanced messaging, open banking, APIs, next-gen cross-border capabilities, and blockchain/DLT technology. The video describes Volante as a secure and compliant service that processes all payment types.

The partnership between Volante and Ripple dates back several years to the rise of the crypto industry. According to a WallStreetBulls respondent named Mom Senja, both companies have been collaborating since 2016. A screenshot in the post showed an announcement from Ripple about Volante launching a “plug and play” Ripple integration solution.

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In June 2023, Volante successfully completed a pilot test for the FedNow instant payments service with a prominent U.S.-based custodian bank. WallStreetBulls’ post suggests that top banks are now fully onboarded with Volante, potentially leading to increased adoption of XRP, the crypto token used in this process.

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