US University Secures $20M to Establish New AI Institute

Carnegie Mellon University in the United States has been granted $20 million in federal funding to establish an AI institute focused on shaping public policy.

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  • US University Receives $20M Federal Funding for New AI Institute.

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been granted funding for its new AI Institute for Societal Decision Making, as reported by a local news publication.

The newly established institute at Carnegie Mellon University will focus on enhancing AI tools used in decision-making processes during social situations like natural disasters and public health events. Aarti Singh, a professor in the university’s machine learning department, will lead the institute as its director.

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According to Aarti Singh, the director of the institute, a key objective is to develop AI technology that prioritizes people’s needs. This involves using reliable data, well-tested algorithms, and incorporating feedback from all stakeholders through participatory design.

Singh expressed her belief that AI can be instrumental in assisting decision makers and officials in making better-informed decisions across various situations.

During the development and training of the new technology, researchers at the institute will collaborate with public health officials, emergency managers, community workers, as well as behavioral and cognitive scientists for their valuable insights and guidance.

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Singh emphasized that promoting the ethical use of AI is a crucial objective at the institute. Developers and researchers need to exercise caution and ensure responsible deployment of AI, using it only when necessary.

As governments worldwide explore the utilization of AI in policymaking, the Romanian government has introduced an AI chatbot. This chatbot aims to gather input and insights from the public to assist in shaping policy decisions.

Various countries, including the United States and China, are considering the implementation of new regulations for AI technology. In the European Union, lawmakers are currently working on a new AI Act that aims to provide guidelines specifically for generative AI tools.

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