Web3 Foundation Supports StorageHub; Gavin Wood Launches Podcast

After Gavin Wood’s recent announcement regarding the new JAM protocol at Token2049, there has been a surge of new projects emerging within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Among these, the Web3 Foundation has shown support for decentralized storage by endorsing Moonsong Labs’ StorageHub through its Decentralized Futures Program.

StorageHub: Revolutionizing Polkadot’s Storage Infrastructure

StorageHub, a pioneering project within the Polkadot ecosystem, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive native storage solution tailored for a diverse range of Web3 applications. Leveraging Polkadot’s parachain infrastructure, StorageHub aims to address the need for efficient and decentralized storage solutions in the Web3 landscape.

Unlike conventional parachain storage solutions, StorageHub specializes in file-based storage and handling larger datasets. Its primary objective is to enable the storage of substantial files and datasets while upholding the core principle of decentralization, crucial for maintaining data integrity and security in the Web3 environment.

The development of StorageHub will progress through a phased approach spanning the next year. This process will involve initial development stages, followed by rigorous audits, testing, and optimization procedures to ensure seamless integration into the Polkadot network.

Introducing ‘A Glass with Gav’: Gavin Wood’s Venture into Podcasting

Polkadot’s visionary founder, Gavin Wood, has embarked on a new journey in the realm of podcasting with the launch of ‘A Glass with Gav’. This podcast delves into the dynamic world of Polkadot and Web3, offering insights and discussions on the latest developments and trends shaping the decentralized web.

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In the inaugural episode, Wood shares a glass of whisky with Mark Cachia, the Chief Investment Officer of Scytale Digital, a prominent digital asset manager. Together, they explore various topics, including the necessity for increased treasuries and fellowships within the Web3 industry, setting the stage for engaging conversations to come.

Listeners can anticipate fresh episodes of ‘A Glass with Gav’ released monthly, providing a regular dose of valuable insights and perspectives. The podcast is accessible on popular platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, ensuring widespread availability for enthusiasts eager to stay informed about Polkadot and the evolving landscape of Web3.

Polkadot Projects Shine at Arts DAO Event in Dubai

At the prestigious Arts DAO event held in Dubai, several Polkadot projects took center stage, showcasing their innovative contributions to the world of NFTs and digital art.

Among the notable exhibits were those from KodaDot, a platform specializing in generative art exchange, Bit.Country, a metaverse platform, Moonsama, a gaming platform, and the SubWallet app, each demonstrating the diverse applications of blockchain technology within the art space.

Partnering with Polkadot, Culture4causes curated an exhibition titled ‘Reconciliation with the Living,’ featuring the captivating artwork of generative artist Zancan. This collaboration underscored the intersection of art and technology, highlighting Polkadot’s commitment to supporting artistic endeavors that push the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Talisman Launches Talisman Quests: A Web3 Exploration Experience

Talisman, a popular user experience-centric wallet designed for users of Polkadot and Ethereum, has introduced Talisman Quests, a new feature aimed at enhancing user engagement within the Web3 ecosystem.

Talisman Quests offers Polkadot users the opportunity to earn rewards such as experience points (XP), special airdrops, or community roles by actively exploring various Web3 projects. Currently available in Open Beta, the feature encourages users to delve into the diverse landscape of decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

The Open Beta phase is slated to conclude soon, with the final event scheduled for April 30th. During this grand finale, participants stand a chance to win a share of $25,000 worth of $DOT tokens through an airdrop. Interested individuals can still verify their eligibility for the beta by visiting the designated platform.

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