Worldcoin Surpasses Arbitrum in Daily Transactions Due to Hype

Worldcoin’s token gains over 250,000 holders in just two days since launch. Optimism’s Layer-2 blockchain surpasses Arbitrum in daily transactions after six months, per Dune Analytics.

Optimism outperforms Arbitrum in daily transactions on July 25, with 844,290 transactions versus Arbitrum’s 630,534. The surge is driven by the launch of Worldcoin (WLD), the AI-powered cryptocurrency by Sam Altman, built on the Optimism blockchain.

Worldcoin, despite facing considerable scrutiny at its launch, has gathered over 250,000 holders. The project distributed tokens through an airdrop, rewarding users who had their eyes scanned at specific locations worldwide.

Optimism’s native token (OP) has surged by 4.5% in the last 24 hours, showing resilience against the anticipated sell pressure resulting from a token unlock scheduled for this Sunday.

Optimism’s daily active wallets totaled 51,062, while Arbitrum surpassed it with 63,893 wallets, despite handling more on-chain transactions.

Velodrome, the decentralized exchange (DEX), has seen a 39% increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) to $258 million in the past month, contributing to the activity on Optimism.

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