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AI meme coins are becoming more popular in the crypto world. Even though there aren’t many of them yet, some AI meme coins have become really successful and caught people’s interest.

Now, CoinGecko has a new category for AI meme coins. Here are the top ones that could make your portfolio grow ten times during a bullish market.

Exploring the Leading AI Meme Coins

Grok (GROK): Modeled after Elon Musk’s X AI, Grok quickly rose to prominence in the world of meme coins. With a market cap of $72.7 million, it holds potential for growth, especially with the bull market approaching.

Turbo (TURBO): Turbo gained attention with its unique launch using the AI chatbot ChatGPT. Although it experienced rapid growth, it has slowed down, sitting at a market cap of $52.8 million. However, in a bullish market, it could potentially reach $500 million.

Turbo price at $0.0007494 | Source: TURBOUSDT on

Kizuna (KIZUNA): As the third-largest AI meme coin, Kizuna combines AI and meme coin narratives, holding steady with a market cap of $37.5 million despite a 28% decrease from its all-time high.

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KiboShib (KIBSHI): Considered one of the earliest AI meme coins, KiboShib was launched in December 2022. Despite having the lowest market cap among the top 4 at $5.3 million, it shows promise for future growth, with recent increases in value.

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