Base Network Approaches 2 Million Daily Transactions – Trails Behind Polygon and BSC

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Base Network had more daily transactions than Optimism and Arbitrum but still fell behind Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Coinbase’s layer-2 network called Base achieved a new daily transaction record, surpassing its previous high since its launch in August, as reported by blockchain explorer BaseScan.

On September 14, Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain, Base, reached a new high with 1.88 million transactions, surpassing its earlier record in August when it had 1.41 million transactions during its launch month. Base outperformed rival chains like Optimism and Arbitrum, which had a combined total of 878,000 transactions on the same day.

Daily transactions chart of layer-2 network Base. Source: BaseScan

However, Base Network still trails behind more prominent blockchains like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Polygon recorded 2.1 million transactions, while BSC had 3.1 million transactions on that particular day.

It’s worth noting that, unlike its previous record in August when Base had 136,000 daily active users alongside high transaction numbers, the layer-2 network had fewer users this time, with only around 86,000 daily active users on September 14, according to data from Dune Analytics.

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Daily active users of layer-2 network Base. Source: Dune Analytics

Base officially started on August 9, offering users various functions such as bridging and swapping tokens, providing liquidity, minting NFTs, and more on its layer-2 network.

Since its launch, Base has been well-received by the cryptocurrency community. On September 6, more than 268,000 different wallets minted over 700,000 NFTs on the layer-2 network. In the first two weeks after its launch, over $242 million worth of cryptocurrency assets were transferred to the blockchain, and the network saw 130,000 unique wallets using it daily.

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