Crypto Unlocks May 2024 : More Than $2 Billion Worth of Tokens Ready to Enter the Market

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In May 2024, something big is happening in the world of cryptocurrency. Eight important projects are getting ready to release their native tokens, and altogether, these tokens are worth more than $2 billion. It’s a major event that could have a big impact on the crypto market.

When tokens are unlocked, it can change the prices and how the market works for these cryptocurrencies. Investors are paying close attention to what’s happening because it can affect their investments. Here’s a list that explains which tokens are being unlocked and what it might mean for the market.

May 2024 Token Unlocks: A Closer Look

In May 2024, several major cryptocurrency projects are scheduled to unlock significant portions of their circulating token supplies, potentially reshaping the market dynamics. Let’s delve into the details of each unlock:

May 1st: dYdX ($DYDX): The decentralized exchange dYdX plans to unlock 10% of its circulating supply, valued at around $71 million. This substantial release of DYDX tokens could influence both its price and liquidity.

May 3rd: Memeland ($MEME): Memeland will unlock 8.3% of its circulating supply, worth approximately $148 million. This coincides with regular releases for insiders, suggesting wider distribution and possibly increased trading activity.

May 12th: Aptos ($APT): Aptos, a high-performance blockchain, will unlock 2.65% of its circulating supply, valued at roughly $100 million. This could significantly impact the Aptos ecosystem due to its relatively high value.

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May 15th: Starknet ($STRK): Starknet plans to release 8.8% of its circulating supply, totaling around $80 million. This sizable unlock is expected to affect both the Starknet network and its associated projects.

May 16th: Arbitrum ($ARB): Arbitrum will unlock 3.5% of its circulating supply, valued at about $100 million. As a prominent layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, this unlock could impact both Arbitrum’s price and adoption.

May 17th: Immutable ($IMX): Immutable, a blockchain platform for gaming and NFTs, will unlock 1.75% of its circulating supply, worth approximately $54 million. The release of these tokens could influence the broader NFT and gaming ecosystem.

May 20th: Pyth Network ($PYTH): Pyth Network will double its circulating supply with a massive token unlock valued at around $1.25 billion. This significant increase may lead to market fluctuations and shifts in investor sentiment.

May 22nd: Avalanche ($AVAX): Avalanche will release 2.5% of its circulating supply, worth approximately $325 million. Being a leading blockchain platform, this unlock might impact AVAX’s price and the broader Avalanche ecosystem.

In Summary

The upcoming token unlocks will add a lot of new tokens to the crypto market, totaling more than $2 billion in value. Investors and traders need to keep a close eye on these events because they could make the market more unpredictable. Prices might go up and down more, and people’s feelings about the market might change. While token unlocks can create chances to trade and buy, they could also cause people to sell and prices to drop. So, it’s important to think about these things when deciding how to invest.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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