Floki TokenFi Partners with World Table Tennis Championship in South Korea

Floki Inu Floki

Floki and its sister company TokenFi have joined hands in a strategic partnership with the World Table Tennis (WTT) Championships. This collaboration positions them as the Official Cryptocurrency Partner for the WTT Champions event in Incheon, South Korea.

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The competition will be held at the Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort from the 27th to the 31st of March, attracting attention from global audiences.

Floki and TokenFi’s Ongoing Partnership with WTT

Floki and TokenFi are teaming up once again with the World Table Tennis (WTT) Championships. They’ve sponsored events like WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023 and the ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals in Busan 2024 earlier this February. These partnerships have been a big success, helping Floki get more attention globally.

The upcoming WTT Champions Incheon tournament will have the best 32 male and female table tennis players competing for singles titles. It’s going to be a really exciting competition for sports fans all over the world. The event will be shown on TV for over 580 hours, and it might have more than 450 million viewers. Plus, it’s expected to be popular on social media, with over 46 million views.

Floki sees teaming up with WTT Champions Incheon as a smart move, especially with how the cryptocurrency situation is changing in South Korea. By partnering with this event, Floki hopes to become even more influential in the region.

Floki’s Dedication to Sports Community Building

Floki’s partnership with the championship underscores its commitment to fostering a robust community centered around sports. This collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for Floki to engage with fans, as evidenced by the 5.4 million online interactions from previous events.

The global table tennis community boasts an impressive following of more than 519 million individuals. With 55% of the audience being male and a significant portion—33%—aged between 16 and 19, and 42% falling within the 30 to 49 age bracket, table tennis attracts a diverse range of enthusiasts.

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Table tennis holds a prominent position as one of the top four sports in Asia, reaching viewership in over 500 million households. With 398 million devoted fans in Asia and substantial viewership on China’s CCTV-5, Floki’s presence in Asia has never been stronger. In China alone, where the sport boasts an impressive 241 million active fans, including a significant millennial and Gen Z demographic, table tennis reigns as the number one sport during the Olympics.

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