KuCoin Lists Solidus Ai Tech’s AITECH


KuCoin has listed Solidus Ai Tech’s (AITECH) token, providing users with access to the AI and GPU marketplace in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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Trading for AITECH began on KuCoin’s spot trading platform, where it is paired with USDT. Additionally, Solidus Ai Tech has established a large High-Performance Computing Data Centre in Europe.

KuCoin Adds Solidus Ai Tech (AITECH) to Its Supported Assets

KuCoin, a prominent centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has expanded its list of supported assets by including Solidus Ai Tech (AITECH). AITECH specializes in artificial intelligence and operates within the GPU marketplace within the cryptocurrency sphere. This addition was officially announced via KuCoin’s official channels and blog, confirming that AITECH trading will be accessible on its spot trading platform.

The announcement highlighted KuCoin’s strong support for the project, as evidenced by the swift launch of a deposit mechanism for AITECH. Users can now transfer their Solidus Ai Tech tokens to the platform using the compatible BNB Chain (BEP20) network.

Trading for AITECH commenced on Friday, March 15, at 10:00 (UTC), with the token being paired with the Tether USD (USDT) stablecoin. After 24 hours, users will have the option to submit withdrawal requests on the trading platform.

KuCoin Adds Solidus Ai Tech (AITECH) and Patex (PATEX)

Solidus Ai Tech (AITECH) has emerged as a leading player in the AI industry, offering a unique token designed to simplify access to Artificial Intelligence and GPU services. With a massive High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre in Europe, AITECH aims to streamline access to the AI marketplace.

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AITECH serves as the backbone of Solidus AI Tech’s ecosystem, making it easy for users to procure services seamlessly. It supports traditional payment methods, converting fiat currency transactions to AITECH on the Blockchain for enhanced accessibility.

Meanwhile, KuCoin continues its support for emerging crypto projects by adding Patex (PATEX) to its platform. Patex focuses on advancing central bank digital currency (CBDC) adoption, aligning with KuCoin’s commitment to innovation.

KuCoin’s dedication to expanding its offerings is evident through its recent additions, including SAROS, Manta Network, and Script Network tokens. This underscores KuCoin’s commitment to embracing new and promising initiatives in the crypto space.

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