Lawyer’s Regret: Using ChatGPT in Court Leads to Unforeseen Consequences

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Court Labels New York Attorney’s Quotes Sourced from ChatGPT as “Bogus”

A New York attorney named Steven Schwartz, who works at the law firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman, has faced criticism for using an AI research tool called ChatGPT in a lawsuit against Avianca Airlines, a Colombian airline. The attorney was hired by Robert Mata to pursue a claim for injuries.

Robert Mata alleges that he was injured by a serving cart during a flight with Avianca Airlines in 2019, as stated in a CNN Business report on May 28. However, after a judge identified inconsistencies and factual errors in the case documents, Steven Schwartz, the attorney representing Mata, has acknowledged in a sworn affidavit on May 24 that he used ChatGPT for his legal research.

Steven Schwartz, the attorney representing Robert Mata, has stated that he had never used ChatGPT for legal research before and was unaware of the potential for false information.

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However, in a court filing on April 5, the judge overseeing the case pointed out that six of the cited cases provided by Schwartz appeared to be fabricated, with fictitious quotes and internal citations.

The judge also found that some of the referenced cases in the submissions were nonexistent, and there was a mix-up between a docket number on a filing and another court filing.

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Extract of Steven Schwartz’s sworn affidavit on May 24. Source:

Schwartz expressed regret for relying on the chatbot without conducting his own research. The affidavit stated that he deeply regrets using artificial intelligence for legal research in this case and will never do so again without ensuring its authenticity.

There is an ongoing debate about incorporating ChatGPT into workforces, with reports suggesting that its intelligence levels are rapidly improving. However, developers remain skeptical about whether ChatGPT truly has the potential to completely replace humans.

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