Pixels Airdrop Starts Before Ronin Game’s Token Launch


The crypto game Pixels is getting ready to distribute airdrop allocations before launching the Ronin game’s token. The PIXEL token is set to launch on February 19, and players are already receiving their airdrop allocations.

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Additionally, the team behind Pixels has recently secured funding, adding to the excitement surrounding the game’s developments.

Exciting Developments Around Pixels and PIXEL Token

Recent updates mark a flurry of announcements surrounding Pixels and its PIXEL token, especially after its migration to the Ethereum scaling network Ronin last fall.

The migration sparked a significant increase in active users on the gaming network, skyrocketing from approximately 20,000 unique wallets in November to 665,000 this week, according to data from Nansen. Users eagerly joined Pixels to participate in its play-to-airdrop rewards campaign.

Ahead of the token launch, crypto exchange Binance introduced its Launchpool rewards program for PIXEL early Friday. Customers staking Binance Coin (BNB) or the FSUSD stablecoin in liquidity pools before the launch can qualify for a share of token rewards.

Binance plans to offer 350 million PIXEL in rewards, which accounts for 7% of the token’s total supply, before ultimately listing the token on its exchange on February 19.

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Luke Barwikowski, founder of Pixels, expressed excitement during a livestream on Thursday, stating, “In just about a week or two, Pixels is about to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, and one of the largest Web3 gaming coins in the world too.”

Pixels: Airdrops, Token Launch, and Funding

Rewarding Players with Off-chain Token Allocations: Pixels is currently rewarding players with off-chain token allocations, which will transition into real on-chain PIXEL tokens on Ronin once the token generation event (TGE) takes place. Eligible users can check their airdrop allocations through the Pixel website.

Airdrop Campaigns Benefit Players: Around 28,000 Pixels players have earned a share of tokens through two play-to-airdrop campaigns, where they were rewarded for simply engaging with the retro-style social farming game. Additionally, owners of Pixels NFT land plots from the initial play-to-airdrop campaign last year are also receiving PIXEL tokens.

Strategic Funding Announcement: In the midst of the airdrop excitement and impending token launch, the Pixels Foundation disclosed on Thursday that it had secured $4.8 million in strategic funding from various investors. Notable participants in this round include Framework Ventures, Collab + Currency, Volt Capital, Sky Mavis (the creator of Axie Infinity), Gabby Dizon (co-founder of Yield Guild Games), and others.

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