Shiba Inu Launches LinkedIn for Shibarium as Daily Transactions Surge 200%

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The Shiba Inu team just created a LinkedIn account for Shibarium, their blockchain network. This news coincides with a significant surge in daily transactions on Shibarium, which have increased by more than 200% in the last 24 hours.

Shiba Inu, the popular dog-themed cryptocurrency, has expanded its online presence by creating a new LinkedIn account for its Layer 2 blockchain, Shibarium. This announcement came from RagnarShib, one of Shiba Inu’s community admins, via X (formerly Twitter).

In addition to Shibarium, Shiba Inu now maintains two official LinkedIn accounts. One is dedicated to their metaverse project, “Shib: the Metaverse,” and the other focuses on Shibarium, their blockchain platform.

RagnarShib shared a link to Shibarium’s official LinkedIn account, encouraging SHIB enthusiasts to follow these accounts for updates related to the “professional world.”

Ragnar’s Earlier Alerts About Shiba Inu’s LinkedIn Presence

RagnarShib had previously cautioned crypto exchanges about Shiba Inu’s absence of an official LinkedIn account. His alert came in response to reports from multiple exchanges that they were receiving requests to list the Fantom chain version of SHIB.

The messages from these questionable individuals claimed to be official Shiba Inu team members. As a result, Ragnar issued a strong advisory to these platforms, emphasizing that Shiba Inu had no official LinkedIn account.

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He clarified that the sole official Shiba Inu presence on the social media platform was established for “Shib: The Metaverse” and was overseen by Marcie Jastrow.

Shibarium Expands to Major Platforms

Shibarium Expands Its Social Media Presence. Earlier this year, Shiba Inu’s lead developer introduced a Telegram channel for Shibarium, and now, an X account has been created for the L2 blockchain.

Additionally, Shibarium has its official Discord channel with nearly 15,000 members. This expansion reflects the growing adoption of Shibarium, prompting the Shiba Inu team to establish a presence on various social media platforms.

Shibarium Daily Transactions Surge Over 200%

Since Shibarium’s launch on August 16, it has seen a significant increase in activity, processing more than 3.48 million transactions. Additionally, the network has seen interaction from over 1.25 million addresses and produced 1.18 million blocks. Shibarium boasts an average block time of 5.0 seconds, making it one of the fastest Ethereum scaling solutions available.

Notably, there has been a remarkable surge in daily transactions in the past 24 hours. Data from Shibariumscan shows that daily transactions on Shibarium have risen from 10,940 to 33,050, marking a 202% increase within a day.

This surge in daily transactions can be attributed to the recent launch of the Sharbi Token (SHARBI). The Sharbi team chose to list their token on Shibarium by joining the Marswap decentralized exchange. The launch generated significant interest among SHIB enthusiasts who rushed to the decentralized exchange to acquire the meme-based cryptocurrency.

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