Solana Update: First Fixes for Congestion Problems Arrive

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After weeks of transaction failures, Solana appears to be making progress with the release of its initial update for mainnet validators. This update, aimed at alleviating the increasing congestion that has hindered Solana’s usability recently, was deployed to validators early on Monday.

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Anza, the development team that separated from Solana Labs earlier this year, announced an overnight release of the Agave validator client v1.17.31. This update aims to address congestion issues on the Solana network. It’s the initial step toward resolving recent network problems, with more fixes planned in subsequent updates like v1.18.

Addressing Solana’s Network Challenges

Solana’s network has been plagued by transaction failures and usability issues, coinciding with increased trading activity for meme coins and other tokens on the platform. Among the suspected causes are Solana’s protocol, similar to Bitcoin mining, and allegations of infrastructure firms exploiting a bug for their benefit.

The Solana Foundation acknowledged a “known bottleneck” in the QUIC implementation on the Agave validator client, as highlighted by Austin Federa, the organization’s Head of Strategy. Initially slated for future fixes, the issue escalated due to surging network demand.

Anza, the development team separated from Solana Labs, has been testing updates to address these issues. Recently, they deployed a version to the Solana testnet and urged validators to upgrade promptly. While the v1.18 upgrade is on the horizon, developers caution that it won’t offer a definitive solution to all network challenges.

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Assessing Solana’s Congestion Solutions

Anza’s Rex St. John addressed the effectiveness of the recent update, stating that while it improves fee collection for validators, it doesn’t entirely resolve Solana’s congestion issues. He emphasized that the full impact of the update won’t be realized until it undergoes thorough testing in a production environment.

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As per data from Solana Beach, approximately one-third of all validators have adopted the v1.17.31 version of the validator client. However, the majority, nearly 49%, are still utilizing version 1.17.28. This suggests that while some validators have upgraded, a significant portion of the network is yet to implement the latest version.

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