Terra Classic (LUNC) Faces Delisting From Leading Exchange


The Terra Classic (LUNC) community is in trouble as signs suggest the cryptocurrency may soon be delisted from Crypto.com. Users have shared screenshots of emails received on the X platform, indicating this possibility.

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This comes at a challenging time for LUNC, trying to bounce back from the Terra LUNA crash and notable surges in late 2023. However, the wider crypto community seems to be losing faith in the struggling LUNC ecosystem.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Faces Delisting Concerns on Crypto.com

The X community is abuzz with discussions following news about the potential delisting of Terra Classic (LUNC) from Crypto.com. User zkDomains (@zkdomains) initiated the conversation, leading to confirmation from others who received similar messages from the exchange.

According to the shared email, Crypto.com plans to suspend LUNC trading on February 15, providing the community with less than a month to transfer their tokens to alternative platforms.

The recent volatility of Terra Classic (LUNC) has been striking. Despite surging to $0.00025 in early December, sparking optimism for a revival, LUNC has undergone a significant downturn since then.

As of now, LUNC is trading at $0.0001111, reflecting a 33.09% drop in the past month and a 31.30% decrease from its value at this time last year. These developments raise concerns about the cryptocurrency’s stability and market liquidity.

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Potential Reasons Behind Terra Classic (LUNC) Delisting on Crypto.com

The decision to delist Terra Classic (LUNC) from Crypto.com has sparked discussions about the potential reasons behind the move. While delisting commonly occurs due to low trading volume or high price volatility, Crypto.com might have additional considerations.

A recent setback for LUNC involves the rejection of a proposal for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) integration by its validators. This integration could have paved the way for significant improvements within the ecosystem.

Contrary opinions circulate on Reddit, with some users speculating that LUNC is on the verge of a surge. An intriguing perspective suggests that Crypto.com may lack sufficient funds to compensate users if LUNC reaches $1, prompting the preemptive delisting of the token.

Impact of Crypto.com Delisting on Terra Classic (LUNC) Community

The impending delisting of Terra Classic (LUNC) from Crypto.com presents a significant setback for its community. Being a major exchange with a substantial user base, Crypto.com’s removal of LUNC is expected to diminish the cryptocurrency’s global reach. The aftermath may include reduced liquidity and heightened pressure leading to further declines in its price.

In a noteworthy turn of events, Google Bard expressed a preference for LUNC over LUNA as a more promising investment option in 2024. However, the impending delisting poses a new challenge for LUNC, intensifying the struggle to maintain its position and reputation in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

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