Google and MultiversX Achieve New Milestone


MultiversX has announced a major milestone in its partnership with Google by integrating with Google BigQuery. This move aims to enhance accessibility and insight into blockchain data, according to an official announcement.

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The integration of MultiversX with Google BigQuery suggests potential growth for the MultiversX ecosystem. It highlights the network’s dedication to improving user experience and supporting its developer community by offering new tools for data analysis and insights.

Google and MultiversX Collaboration

Google’s partnership with MultiversX highlights its role as the guardian of internet data by making it simple to access MultiversX’s blockchain data through BigQuery, a cloud data warehouse meant for big businesses.

This collaboration aims to make blockchain insights accessible to everyone, giving users and developers unmatched transparency and analysis tools. By integrating with BigQuery, there’s no need for special software or long syncing processes; anyone with an account can explore MultiversX’s network.

Users can now easily search the network’s data, including details like the top 100 block producers and daily transaction counts. This increased accessibility is expected to fuel innovation and growth within the MultiversX ecosystem.

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MultiversX data is available and easy to visualize with BitQuery. Source: MultiversX

Lucian Mincu, CIO of the MultiversX Foundation, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, noting that analyzing and interpreting data to uncover insights about product usage is an underexplored aspect in the web3 space. With Google simplifying the process for MultiversX projects, Mincu sees this as a crucial step toward enhancing dApps to be more useful and appealing to the masses.

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MultiversX and Google Cloud Partnership

MultiversX and Google Cloud are teaming up for more than just data access; they’re launching various initiatives to speed up Web3 adoption and expand the ecosystem. These plans were announced at the xDay 2023 Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

Their initiatives include a startup accelerator program, hackathons, developer support, and joint business ventures. MultiversX’s presence at GITEX Global in Dubai in 2023 also shows how closely they’re working together.

Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA for Google Cloud, emphasized Google Cloud’s dedication to helping the blockchain community through this collaboration. Their aim is to boost adoption and grow not only MultiversX’s ecosystem but also the wider Web3 space.

With Google’s support, MultiversX is set to grow faster, creating fresh opportunities for both users and developers.

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As blockchain technology evolves, partnerships between MultiversX and Google BigQuery play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital assets and Web3. By enhancing data accessibility and supporting the development community, MultiversX and Google are setting new standards for innovation and collaboration in the blockchain space.

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